About Us

You’re not boring, why should your camera and bag straps be?

From the founder of the award winning, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog, Pretty Connected®, Lara Eurdolian has launched a line of signature accessories. Known for always being always on the go, attending events and carrying around a camera, Lara was frustrated she could never find a strap that wasn't overly branded, or complemented her style. Wanting to easily be able to interchange her straps based on her outfit, Lara started creating her own. After receiving a lot of interest, she launched a collection.

Specializing in bag straps that double as camera straps, Pretty Connected® encourages you to interchange personalize all of your straps. Anything from adding pins, charms, patches, monogramming to even drawing on them. For DIY ideas visit our Instagram page @prettyconnectedshop, or search the hashtag #prettyconnectedDIY.

We do events and collaborations! Everyone loves a good DIY party and we do everything from birthday parties to brand events, and mailers. Custom straps are also available. Email us at hello@prettyconnected.com for more information.

For media inquiries, events, brand collaborations and questions email us at hello@prettyconnected.com. We look forward to hearing from you!